Deceased estates – disputes

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disputes over a deceased relative’s estate 22 May 2018   If someone leaves a sizeable estate behind, it may cause conflict among the possible heirs. The help of an attorney, when settling an estate after a death, can avoid unnecessary troubles. The Administration of Estates Act, 1965, determines what must happen with an estate after ….  Continue Reading

Public warning

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Public warning BEWARE OF THIS ATTORNEY: MS SHAIK, NIRVANA, POLOKWANE FOUND IN POSSESSION OF STOLEN TITLE DEED                                                                          IN CONTEMPT ….  Continue Reading


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Trust “My wife and I are discussing providing for the creation of a testamentary trust in our will to take care of our minor children upon our untimely death. I’m worried though that if we establish a trust, it may be too rigid to deal with the changing circumstances of our children. Can the trust ….  Continue Reading


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Bitcoin What happens to my Bitcoins when I die? 08 March 2018   “I’ve started buying Bitcoins as a form of investment. I am aware that is a virtual currency and that different rules apply to Bitcoins. But I’m know starting to wonder how I can ensure that I transfer my Bitcoins to my heirs ….  Continue Reading

Lapsed firearm licence

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Lapsed firearm licence   “I own a firearm which has always been validly licenced. I was out of the country for a few months with work this year and was unable to renew my licence before its expiry in June. On my return I went to the police, but they told me that because my ….  Continue Reading

water meter

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water meter Who must prove that the water meter is not working? 16 November 2017   “I’ve really tried to cut down on my water consumption and over the last year it‘s been very low. However, over the past 3 months my municipal water accounts suddenly more than tripled. Knowing this cannot be right I ….  Continue Reading

Expropiation of land

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The ANC national conference decided its National Executive Committee (NEC) would start the process towards a constitutional amendment of Section 25, or the Constitution’s property clause, to make possible land redistribution without compensation. There is a carefully phrased and potentially crucial rider: a sustainability test to ensure such redistribution does not negatively impact on the ….  Continue Reading

Zuma resigns

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ZUMA RESIGNS I know the difference between beeeg shiiit and sweet cake of corruption and it looks like more shiiit is on its way. Zuma will not disappoint when his proaction of protection fails, in my opinion, president Zuma can take the only way out, to compromise and resign while he can. Let me know ….  Continue Reading


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Liquidation or business rescue – what is the difference? 09 August 2017   “My family company has been operating successfully for nearly 20 years. Over time I’ve also managed to get a few investors into the business. The last year however has been tough and we are struggling to make ends meet. I feel its ….  Continue Reading

lawful evictions

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lawful evictions Housing is a vital and primary need for each person. As most of us acquire accommodation by lease or through home loans or even through state housing provided by municipalities, it is important to know your rights and what the correct procedure is for lawful evictions. With the exclusion of farm land, lawful ….  Continue Reading